Saturday, February 9, 2013

Communication and the Color Red

The hardest part about being super introverted, for me anyway, is talking to people. Especially people I'm not completely comfortable with. They always wonder why I'm quiet, well its because I have the hardest time carrying on conversations. Usually, though not all the time, I'll try to jump into a conversation to be social  and people literally just stop talking. I feel like a conversation murder half the time. Its like there's no connection between me and extroverts. I can have perfectly great and wonderful conversation with other introverts. We connect... not so much with others and there's always those few people in the world that when I first meet them we can have a good long talk, but most of the time I just embarrass myself. Its not because I say stupid things, its because I have this horrible curse (that's what I like to call it anyway), where my face turns bright red when I speak. It is absolutely dreadful! It doesn't matter what I say, my face will always turn red, and I know its turning red so then I get even more embarrassed and of course it just turns more red....

Someday I will figure out how to deal with this 'curse' other than just not talking to people. I do enjoy conversations, just not when my face turns as red as a tomato because I said "Hi". Some say my blush is cute and endearing, but for me it is just annoying.

P.S. Having conversations with people that have the same problem with me always makes it better. For both of us!